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Free search - Enter one or several words, singular or plural, separated by spaces.

ex. apple grapes pear
ex. Venus Mars Cupid

You will only get the works where the three words appear.

Artist - Last name, first name, common or nick name are mentioned. You may use one or several
of those elements. The usual keyboards do not allow us to transcribe exactly names of
artists bearing diacritical signs (Zurbaran – Zurbaran). You can verify the exact spelling in

- I- They allow you to refine and complete your free search, and they can be

Country or Culture of origin :

ex. For spanish painting enter Spain
For etruscan art enter Etruria

Site :

- The place of discovery,

ex. Tanis, Carthage, Dunhuang...

- The place of creation,

ex. Epinal for images from Epinal
Venezia* for venitian painting
Paris for school of Paris

- The place of location for architectural works,

ex.Athinaï* for Parthenon
Chambord for Castle

names of site are written in the language of origin, sometimes in latin letters.

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